don't be shock!!

warkhh!! one more week left before final exam start. damnn!! i'm lost in every subject. luckily critical thinking does not have writing test. if not, i will feel hell. i do not know how to start revising because this thing is the most major problem in me. irfan=lazy=playing a lot. i wonder when i will changed and become a good boy. i hope so. but i think that is impossible because i am what i am. i do not want to be a hypocrite person like others act. for me, it is so annoying. so fucking damn!!

okay, i have stray from my real intention. i just want to make some reflection about myself for this week. overall, i only focus about 20% in all class for the whole week. don't you think that is so wasting. it is better if i don't even go to the classes. but, there is something that keep encouraging me to go to class. it is some sort of threatening actually but i don't even mind about it. i know that threat is for my own goodness. thank you so much!!

i think people would notice that i am very active and talkative sometimes. teasing people is my current hobby. and zizan is the person that i tease the most for the time being. pity on him. but sometimes when he revenge back on me, it is so painful because his words are like swords and pierced straight to my heart. suits him as he is a best debater. but, we are close to each others like brothers. are you moved?? think carefully. don't let evil take over your soul. evil and naughty is differ from each other.

*this is my first post that is fully english. am i great?? haha!! just joking. looking forward to write again. waiting   for her to wake up and running like others.

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